5 Best Apps For Instagram Stories : Transform Your Visual Content

Instagram stories are insanely popular. They're one of the best way to engage with your audience on social media platforms right now.

That's why I've put together the list of the best apps for Instagram stories, to help you create, edit,beautify your pictures and post them.

Whether you're using Instagram stories for your video content or creating attractive templates and caption for your static photos , these apps can really level-up your Instagram Story Strategy.

These apps will really help your to transform your profile into professional by adding branding and personality to your stories. They can make your content recognisable and memorable.

Luckily, these apps can make them easy.

So here they are : the 5 best Instagram story apps for your business !

1. DesignLab- Make Stories For Instagram


DesignLab allows you to easily create your pictures into beautiful stories by adding two or more pictures in story size canvas. Also gives a border to you is single picture so you don't have to edit it for the story size.

I used to wrangle with pics art just to make my picture look good as per Instagram story, but using it was a nightmare for me. Once I discovered DesignLab for that, I never looked back.

You can also add text & stickers to your pictures.

Also you can create a different stories folder in the app itself.

Cost : free.

Recommended for Photographers, Food bloggers, Travel Bloggers

2. InstaStory Art Maker : Story Creator For Instagram

You may have heard of InstaStory, my favourite Instagram story maker, but did you know you can also use InstaStory to create Pinterest Post ?

InstaStory is one app that you need to create your profession stories according to any occasions, festival or so. It has many themes and templates related to all niche .

Also you can remix your pictures in the given templates & create highlights icons for your instagram for more fun .

Cost : free.

Recommended for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Fitness, Jewellery,Wedding, Food, Sales & Offers, Travel, Photography , Beauty, Travel & more

3. Mojito- Story Art Maker, Story Editor

Mojito is my all time favourite . You know why ?

Because it has more than 500 templates and frames to help you edit Instagram stories, edit snapchat pictures, create extraordinary stories and even cover headlines!

Mojito Insta editor can also help you create beautiful layout for Instagram stories. You can create stories on a blank canvas and customise them with text, stickers, frames, templates and brush features.

The best part about Mojito app is you can animate your stories and also convert them into videos.

Cost : Rs. 112.50/month | Rs. 2700/Lifetime Vip ( Highly recommended )

Recommended for all professionals, influencers & bloggers

4. Mojo - Video Stories Editor For Instagram

Mojo is the app I personally love to use . With this app you can give such attractive look to your pictures with animation and texts.

All other apps are good for static photos but when it comes to videos , Mojo can really make your stories shine. Plus, it's perfect if you need a little creative inspiration

Cost : free

Pro Version : Rs. 399/month | Rs. 1990/12 months ( Highly recommended )

Recommended for all professionals, influencers & bloggers

5. Stories Edit - IG Stories Templates & Kit

Stories Edit is an Instagram stories design tool that allows you to customise stories content wit selection of designer templates and editing options.

This app has Text tool, Shape tool, Background coloraturas feature as well.

Overall its a complete package as you can create and draft in this app as well for further uploads.

Best part is that it's the product of Planoly.

Cost : free

Pro Version : Rs. 250/month | Rs. 1700/12 months ( Highly recommended )

Recommended for all professionals, influencers & bloggers

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