6 LinkedIn Features We bet you wouldn't have known !

LinkedIn is an online platform that connects world's professionals. It is a business and employment-oriented service. It is mainly used for professional networking in which employers post jobs and job seekers post their CVs.

It allows workers and employers to create profiles and connections tom each other in an online social network which represents real world professional relationships.

Over the past few years LinkedIn has included many new features to its platform on the basis of changing trends in communication, marketing and business sector.

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Hide Your Connections

This LinkedIn feature allows you to stop people from seeing your connections.You can control how open or private your connections will be. You can set your settings so that your connections are only visible to you or those who are connected with you.

Export Your Connections

This feature allows you to easily export your connections to other contact management systems. The contacts are downloaded in a spreadsheet . This list will include the contacts’ names, current company names and email addresses.

To export your contacts :

-Click on ‘connections’ in LinkedIn’s top navigation. Then click on the settings gear icon in the top right and click on ‘export connections’ under advanced settings on the right.

Create LinkedIn showcase pages

LinkedIn Showcase pages are the perfect way to segment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. If you want to connect to a specific target audience then creating a showcase page will help you for sure.

To create showcase page:

-Click the edit drop down at the top right of your company page and select ‘create a showcase page’ option. You can create up to 10 free showcase pages per parent company page.

Hide Your Identity

LinkedIn allows you to hide your identity when viewing profiles. You can change your profile settings to 'anonymous' if you don't want others to see your name or company's name.

Send Message without making a Connection

If you want to get in touch with someone on LinkedIn but you aren’t each other’s connections, you can join a common group.

Click on the three dots appearing on the person’s comment and you will see an option to ‘reply privately’. By clicking on this option, you can send that person a direct message.

Maintain a LinkedIn Relationship Note

With this feature, under each connected profile you will see an option to add relationship quotes.

This LinkedIn feature helps you remember things like how you know that person and something about the person you would like to remember.

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