Annihilate your Social Media Addiction!

Being addictive to Facebook and Instagram seems harmless in the beginning but it is as addictive as drugs,alcohol,or gambling. It can have significant unpredictable consequences.

Excessive social media use can not only cause unhappiness and general dissatisfaction in the life of the users but also develop mental issues such as anxiety and depression.

Have you ever felt pain in your stomach when your WiFi runs out of internet connection or you watch the clock while updating an App ?

May be you take a few extra bathroom breaks at your workplace just to scroll your feed or to sneak some messages.

If you have also had any such kind of experiences or some of its type, then you need to check and control your dependence on social media.

Here are some signs and symptom that indicate you are a social media addict and you need to get a 'Digital Detox'.

Signs and Symptoms of Social Media Addiction

1- Your social media usage is cutting into your work time.

2- You immediately check your phone when you hear a notification.

3- You tentatively monitor your post to check how many likes you have got.

4- You check your accounts right when you wake up and right before your bed.

5- Your spouse, friends and family say you seem "Distant".

6- You measure life events by how upload-worthy they are.

7- You feel anxious when you cannot access your social media.

8- You forget about your problems when you use social media.

Start your journey of "Digital Detox"

Sometimes its good to take a break from social media as too much use of social media can be toxic and depressing, so going for a digital detox can be a great idea.

Digital Detox refers to the elimination of social media use and consumption for a set period of time.

Generally people go for a 30 days digital detox in which they quit their social media usage.

Here are some tips if you wish to go for a digital detox.

1- Keep your phone out of sight and out of mind.

2- Go offline for full 24 hours.

3-Let your friends and family know that you are on a digital detox and ask for their support.

4- Delete time-stealing apps from your phone.

5- Find ways to stay distracted and keep hands on other activities.

6- Set limits and be realistic.

7- Try to go out of the house to avoid boredom. You might go for lunch or a dinner with friends.

8- Read some good books and cultivate reading habits.

9- Go for physical activities such as dancing, walking, running, yoga etc.

10- Involve yourself in something productive which may help you in future and polish your skills.

Hope this blog motivates you to go for a Digital Detox and help you to keep a check on how much time you give to your social media.

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