Exploit Instagram In 2020.

Updated: May 16, 2020

Exploit Instagram Like A Pro In 2020

Instagram have some limits for all of its users.

Yes ! You must not be aware of it . Many of your actions were blocked recently or many a times ?

You know why ? Just read this and all your thoughts will get clear in a 2 minute read.

Instagram has limits related to follow-unfollow ,likes, comments, shares and everything else.

These all depends on the following :

(a) The age of your Instagram account

(b) The number of your followers

(c) Your account's engagement

(d) Your account's activity


You can only like upto 1000 post, videos, stories, direct messages.

Don't go over 700 . It's includes overall liking activities


You can only comment upto 200 per day, don't go over 180 comments everyday.

Also don't post same comments over and over as Instagram recognises duplicate comments and it would block your account for 24 Hours or more for spamming.

3. Daily Limit

Instagram has daily limit to your account , that is 200 actions a day.

You can only follow/unfollow 60 accounts per day in first week of joining Instagram, 150 follow/unfollow per day in the second week and then from third week your limit will be 200 follow/unfollow everyday.

4. Direct Messages

You can only send only 50 to 80 direct messages per day.

Try sending to new people every day with the help of direct messages as it's the safe zone.


Total action limit is 500 per day.

This includes likes, comments, follow, unfollow. Also you can send 20 to 50 direct messages everyday.

5. Hashtag

You can only use upto 30 hashtags per post. Choosing the right hashtag would capture people attention and you will get more likes.


Video length: 1 minute to 60 minutes.

The full 60 minutes is currently only available to larger accounts or verified accounts.

Everyone else has a limit of 15 minutes. File size: up to 3.6GB.

7. Story

You can upload upto 100 stories per day.

8. Tag

You can tag upto 20 accounts on single post and upto 35 accounts on carousel post.

9. Daily Post's

There is so no limitation for daily Instagram post. You can post as much as you want to but keep in mind not to post once , there should be gap between every post you do.

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