How to Grow Your Instagram ?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Consistently struggling to grow?

Not sure where you're going. Then this is the only growth guide you'll need.

You all must be fed up with theoretical blog posts, videos, and advice for Instagram growth.

Fed up with inspirational quotes and stories of success that lack any real actionable knowledge you can apply. Fed up telling yourself to be patient and wait.

This guide is the most practical and actionable map you’ll get.

Follow it and secure your place among big IG Players.

1. You will commit for 100 days!

You will show up every day for 100 days. Post once a day for 100 days regularly. Forget all other platforms and focus all of your time on Instagram.

2. Set your account :

You will set your account to a business/creator account. Business or Creator accounts consists of many features likes post insights, engagement, impressions and many other kinds of important and useful features.

3. Set a killer bio :

Yes! Bio works like your attraction point on Instagram. You should have a killer bio. Use emoticons in your bio in gaining attention towards your profile.

4. Be Social:

You must be thinking, What meagarwalyash is saying ? Instagram is already a social media application. Yes, but by being social I mean that you will be making friends even when you're in the shower. You will follow big Instagram accounts and start engaging with their content and community.

5. Focus on Content:

You have to focus on your content because CONTENT IS THE KING! Think about your posts and your product, and start promoting them in your stories. Provide massive value and when I say massive, I mean nuclear bomb massive.

6. Learn about Instagram :

Think about Instagram as a machine. Make your insights more important than anything else. Learn when to post and how everything works. Learn and understand from where new followers come from: Hashtags, shares, engagement, Instagram suggestions.

Are you prepared to take on the 100-day challenge?


Small accounts (under 1K) and low engagement -dead-ones, will need to put it to work immediately, but it works for all accounts.

Is it easy?

Absolutely not!

Is it doable?


Some extra tips are :

▪️Address to others by name

▪️Find your own voice

▪️Open up and let people in

▪️Work on yourself, cause, it’s YOU that will attract more people.

And the most important (for those who made it down here):

▪️We don’t get to decide value bombs. Our audience does! Never forget to create FOR your audience.

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