The Most awaited Feature of Facebook and Instagram 'InstaMessenger' is here!

' 'The Cross-App Messaging '

This new feature announced by Facebook will allow Instagram and Messenger users to communicate across apps and will bring in Messenger inspired features in the Instagram Inbox.

It also provides the option to change your chat color , react with any emoji , watch videos together,set messages to disappear and more .

As a part of this update users will also have a option to chat with friends who use Facebook, the app will inform the users.

This new feature will work even if the users don't have a Facebook account .

What is this cross-app communication ?

Messenger and Instagram's cross-app communication feature allows you to chat with your friends, family and other contacts across the two apps.

It will allow you to send messages to someone's Instagram from Your Messenger app .

People with Instagram accounts can search you and send you a message request.

You will receive those cross-app messages in your Messenger app.

Things to remember :

You will see both Instagram and Messenger results when searching for a friend in Messenger.

Whenever you accept a message request from another account , they'll also be able to see your active status and see when you have seen their messages.

Messaging and your Privacy !

-You get to choose who can message you and can also decide where you receive message requests .

-If enabled , accounts you message across Facebook and Instagram can see your Active status .

-This update doesn't change who can see your story on Facebook and Messenger.

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