The New 'Disappearing Messages' feature in WhatsApp !

WhatsApp has officially confirmed a new 'Disappearing Messages' feature which will be rolled out soon !

Here are the answers to some of the very common questions that may arise in your mind after knowing about this very new feature of WhatsApp that will be soon rolled out !

What is it about ?

Facebook owned instant messaging application WhatsApp has officially confirmed the development of its new disappearing messages feature . As per the latest update from WhatsApp support page, once this new disappearing messages feature is enabled, new messages sent in an individual chat or group chat will automatically disappear after 7 days.

Will the old chats be affected ?

No , the enabling the settings of this new feature will not affect the previously sent or received messages.

Who will have the access to this feature ?

According to the information provided by the WhatsApp support page, only the admins will be able to use this feature, users can themselves turn disappearing feature on and off for individual chats.

To whom will this feature be available ?

It is said that this feature will roll out on WhatsApp for Web, Android, iOS as well as KaiOS.

Will this feature work for all types of media and messages ?

- This feature will not only work with text messages but can also be used while sharing multi-media files such as images and videos.

- This feature will not work if the disappearing message is Forwarded or when the user has created a backup for WhatsApp.

- This feature will also not work if 'Auto Save' is enabled because the images and videos will automatically be saved in the receiver's device.

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