WhatsApp Rolling Out With These New Features

WhatsApp is a very common messaging platform all over the world. People use it for personal and professional purposes . One cannot imagine his/her day without WhatsApp .

Catering day to day growing needs and requirements of the users, WhatsApp came up with some amazing new features and additions :

1. Mute WhatsApp Chats For Ever

Earlier WhatsApp did not allow its users to mute the chats of a person or group for more than 365 days . But now with its new feature , a person can mute an individual's chats for ever .

WhatsApp has replaced the option of 365 days with 'always'.

Try this amazing new feature of WhatsApp and get rid off those disturbing notifications.

To mute a chat forever , select the chat , click on the top right and select 'Mute Notifications'. It will give you three options in which the last option will be 'Always' . Select it and press okay. You can also select show notifications if you want to see notifications without an alert .

2. Face Unlock Support for Android

Using the face unlock system for WhatsApp will no more be a problem for the users . WhatsApp has come up with this much needed feature of face unlock support for android which will enable the users to secure their WhatsApp with face unlock . This feature was earlier available only to the iOS users .

The new feature also aims to make joining an on going group call easier with missed call notification.

3. In-App 'Shopping' Feature

WhatsApp will add a 'shopping' button as its new feature and be a platform for businesses to interact directly with their customers, receive orders, take complaints and much more . It will offer In-App Shopping experience to its users. Small Businesses and startups will now get a chance to expand their functions through whats app.

The shopping Button will allow users to add items to a cart, and check out from within the WhatsApp chat.

It aims at helping the small businesses that have suffered losses during this pandemic.

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