Hi ! I'm a 25 Year Old, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing & Influencers Marketing Expert With an experience of more than 9+ Years. Also, I'm listed as India's leading digital marketer & business consultant by Forbes India, ANI, Hindustan Times, Business Standard, The Week, Mid-day & Many more National and International News Portals.  

Founder of the biggest individual entrepreneurs community KYE Global, First Digital Marketing Institute In Uttar Pradesh- Digital Marketing Masters Of India (DMMOI) & Biggest Digital Marketing Agency In Kanpur - FMK Marketing & PR Agency.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & 30 More Digital Platforms. I have experimented all digital possibilities to attract potential clientele towards my business and now I will share this with you all.

I am working with hotels, restaurants, doctors & influencers all over India to uplift their brands. If you are looking to gain more clients and followers then you should grab this opportunity as soon as possible.

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Workshop Starts



7 Days + 2 Days

18 Hours Of Live Sessions

After Workshop

Me & My Team Will Regular Monitor Your Social Media For 3 months

Everyone asked me " Yash ! How to increase followers ?"

None focused on converting that followers into clients ! 

  • When you start focusing on followers, you lose your focus from clients !                                     Remember this. Also, gaining followers is not a heavy task but gaining clients are lot more difficult.

  • You can get as many clients as you want , Just have to do what I will tell You to do ! Little Secrets !

  • I Can get you on top of google in a single day and then you will see yourself how it works and how deep we can dive into this digital world. 


Google My Business

Google plays a vital role in promoting your business on the web. Understanding  listing and how to bring your listing on top should be your priority.


Short Videos

For many of you this must be a cringe content ! I know. But you know I did sale of more than 2Lacs last month just using short videos platform.


Social Media

All social media platforms looks very easy to go with , but you know that , you can get to know about the behaviour of your targeted clients from that single app ?


Understanding ADs 

Do you ever understand , when you think of anything and that pop ups in your social media feed as an ad ?

You can also do this thing. I will help you to do this.


Content Creation

Must be sounding very difficult ! Isn't ? Don't worry, You already have a lot of content . I will help you to put them together and showcase them.


Important Tools

There are more than 300+ paid and free tools that will help you to swim deep into this digital world.


Social Media Workshop


Day 1 

Understanding Social Media Platforms


06:00 PM- 07:00 PM

Get to know which platform suits your profession the best.

Digital Chronometer

Day 2

How To Start ?


06:00PM - 07:00 PM 

Getting started with your preferred platform according to your profession.

Image by Mimi Thian

Day 3

Understanding the audience


06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Understand the audience preference and what your viewer will love to watch.

Analyzing the data

Day 4

Analysing & Mastering The Plan


06:00 PM-07:00 PM

Do you think that without researching you can start anything? The answer is no ! You will learn about your competitors and more.

Chess Game

Day 5



06:00 PM -07:00 PM

Creating the content that keeps your audience updated and keeps you top of the crowd.

Digital social media

Day 6

Let Automate & Publish The Posts .


06:00 PM-07:00 PM

Publishing content automatically on FacebookInstagram and twitter.


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